Welcome to Summit Therapy Animal Services

Summit Therapy Animal Services, LLC (SummitTAS) is a leader in the field of professional Animal Assisted Programs. We utilize dogs, miniature horses, cats and bunnies to help people achieve their rehabilitation and therapy goals. We work hand-in-hand with a facility’s staff (physicians, therapists, nurses, counselors, teachers, etc.) to customize programs based on individual client’s needs.  We are a small woman owned, veteran owned company established in 2010.  We are fully insured and offer volunteer and professional Therapy Animal Teams throughout the Northern Virginia and Washington DC metro areas.

SummitTAS is partnered with numerous educational institutions by providing programs that uses animals to motivate children and help them improve their reading, speech/ language, cognitive, physical and psychological/ social skills. We have custom programs based on the objectives for the student and the class.  Additionally, we attend Career Fairs, Science Fairs, PTA Meetings, and provide workshops at conferences sponsored by our educational clients.

We have a wide array of clients to include seniors, veterans, police, firemen, homeless, college and grammar school students, but our specialty is working with people who are affected by emotional or physical challenges, as well as families impacted by autism.  SummitTAS’ Director of Animal Assisted Therapy has set the standard in the Northern Virginia area for working with the Special Needs Community and has trained many of the local therapy dog teams, including those from other organizations.

Services Provided

  • Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)
  • Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)
  • Animal Assisted Play Therapy
  • Customized AAT programs
  • Reading Education Assistance Dogs (READ)
  • Therapy Dog Team Training & Mentorship
  • Dog Training for Families with Special Needs
  • Eldercare Pet Services
  • Service Dog Handlers
  • Socialization Group
  • Canine Assisted Learning Program
  • Dog Temperament Testing
  • Dog Training
  • Dog Walking / Pet Sitting
  • Service / Assistance Dog Training


Summit Therapy Animal Foundation is a program under the nonprofit organization, United Charitable Programs. This foundation was established in order to subsidize the expenses of visiting facilities and working with our nonprofit partners. Donations made to our foundation are tax deductible. Both one-time gifts and regular donations are accepted and truly appreciated! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for a particular event or facility, feel free to contact us at info@SummitTAS.com